How long can I charter for?

You can charter from any time duration from a couple of hours to a couple of months.

How many people can Ocean Odyssey accommodate?

We can take 12 people onboard.

Where can we go?

Ceuta is a popular day charter choice.
An ideal trip for a day is accross to Morocco or the Spanish enclave of Ceuta.

If you just like being on the water then we can sail the Straits looking for dolphins and anchor up for lunch and a swim.

A week long charter could explore the Spanish, Portguese or North African coastlines.

Longer trips can be to Ibiza, Mallorca, The Canaries, The Azores or to the Caribbean.

What should I bring?

Clothing and footwear – Depending on the season you go for your charter holiday you will need to prepare different clothes. It is advisable to choose layered clothing so that you can take something off when the sun is high and have something to put on when it’s gone. Note that even in summer nights at the sea can be fresh, so take a pair of waterproof jackets and wool sweaters.

You should wear comfortable shoes, preferably the ones that are meant for the nautical activities or shoes with a pattern sole to prevent slipping. Sandals will be very useful when walking along the beach.
Don’t forget a very important clothing item for sunbathing and taking baths in the sea – the swimsuit!

Sun protection – Protecting yourself and your skin from the sun is essential when spending time on a boat therefore a hat and sunglasses are items you shouldn’t forget to pack. The suncream is also a must to avoid sunburns since you spend many hours in direct contact with the sun.

Documentation – Identity documents such as the identity card, passport or the driving license are essential, and if you plan to do some sports activities that require a licence, for example, fishing or diving make sure you have the necessary permits with you.

Appliances – We can accommodate electrical supply for mobile phone, camera or any other electrical equipment via our onboard system.

Leisure and relaxation equipment – Remember to bring a good book as a charter holiday is as much about relaxation as enjoying the sailing. On board we have a wide range of TV’s and a music system cmpatible with iPods so please feel free to bring your own selection of music.

We also have some fishing rods, inflatibles and yacht toys so you’re sure to never be bored!

Other helpful things

Where can we go on a yacht charter day trip from Gibraltar?

A popular destination for a day trip is Ceuta which gives some good sailing and a run ashore to explore or have a meal.

Do we need to know how to sail?

The yacht can be handled by the crew alone so you can relax and enjoy the ride.

If on the other hand you want a “hands on” experience you can sail the boat under the supervision of the crew.

What can we do onboard?

As well as the sailing experience we carry snorkeling gear and a RIB for watersports.

We can carry waterskis , wakeboards and  inflatables for use behind the RIB.

The is onboard music system DVD and Playstation for those who require entertainment.

Is there a bar onboard?

We carry beer, wine and soft drinks which are complimentary for the duration of the charter.

What are the terms and conditions regarding any charter?

As with all other businesses there are terms and conditions. Email us and we will send you a copy.

What do we wear onboard?

Soft shoes and whatever you bring on any normal summer holiday plus a windproof top.

What days do charters begin?

Charters can start and end whenever you wish (subject to availability).

Can I charge my mobile phone or ipad?

We have 240v and 12v points to plug in any chargers or appliances you may have with you.

How far can we go?

If you want to sail day and night you can cover around 150 miles in a day.

Most people only sail a few hours a day interspersed with other activities.

As a rule of thumb we cover six miles (10km) per hour.

What if I can’t swim?

We advise all clients who cant swim to stay on the boat. We have comfortable to wear lifejackets and a myriad of safety and recovery equipment to cater for any emergency.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, credits cards (all major) and bank transfers (please email for details).

Is the yacht subject to any safety inspections?

Ocean Odyssey is certified by the Marine Coastguard Agency for commercial use and as such is inspected annually. A copy of the current certificate is carried on-board.

What qualification does the skipper hold?

The skipper holds a Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate with a commercial endorsement which permit the carriage of passengers.

Can we receive instruction onboard?

We are not a sailing school and do not provide recognized courses but obviously the crew are quite happy to share their knowledge with the guests.

If anyone requires a recognised course we can recommend a sailing school in Gibraltar.

What if I want to cancel my charter?

You can cancel without penalty up to 14 days before the commencement of the charter.